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 Software management system for maintenance and repairs 

Profit from MAGPlan like our customers

M+W Zander Products GmbH, Stuttgart

We have been using MAGPlan for more than 10 years and are nowadays more than convinced of its versatility. Since structures are clear and well-arranged, it enables the whole maintenance team to handle MAGPlan by intuition and without any problems after a short training period. The functions that have been added and optimized in the course of the years have always been strictly in compliance with customers' benefit. Thanks to the integrated report generator the user is in the position to make various individual analyses himself with low maintenance efforts. The transparency which can be achieved makes it possible to continuously follow up and eliminate weak spots. Both administrative and operational procedures could be shaped significantly lean and effectively. Not least the quick, proficient support and the excellent price-performance ratio turned MAGPlan to be an absolutely essential tool in our company.

Martin Epple, Fertigungsleiter Manufacturing, M+W Zander Products GmbH Stuttgart

Dr. Freist Automotive Bielefeld GmbH

With MAGPlan we perform an effective, prospective and preventive maintenance of our complex plants in the field of special engineering. We improve the availability of machineries by a constant weak-point analysis. MAGPlan is a type of software focusing on technically relevant issues and also considering the respective maintenance cost analysis. After a short training period MAGPlan can be easily used by all team members.

Dirk Westerhoff, Technischer Leiter , Dr. Freist Automotive Bielefeld GmbH

Decoma Carplast, Werk Altbach

Decoma Carplast has been using MAGPlan successfully for about one year in its plant. MAGPlan offers a well-arranged and clear operator interface which allows an electronic display of all maintenance activities. By the automation of procedures cost savings of 50% could be reached in the field of organisation. The first certification audit could be accomplished with very good results. The price-performance ratio as well as the support is excellent.

Leitung Instandhaltung, Decoma Carplast, Altbach

Gusswerk Waltenhofen

The Gusswerk Waltenhofen H.Staab GmbH decided on MAGPlan as its maintenance system, as this software is accounted a sophisticated maintenance system based on a very good price-performance ratio. MAGPlan does not only provide for a professional organisation of preventive maintenance, moreover it allows us to enhance the plant availability on basis of the weak point analysis by the documentation of reparation measures. MAGPlan includes the data entry of operating hours and measurements, thus it enables us to set up a condition-based maintenance, which we shall realise in the next steps.

Stephan Karen, Leiter Instandhaltung, Gusswerk Waltenhofen H.Staab GmbH

Feintool Plastic/Metal Components, Mühlemann AG

We have been working with MAGPlan for several years. MAGPlan consists of neatly-arranged machinery and device data base which gives fast access to all necessary information. Due to the good planning of the preventive maintenance repair costs could be reduced by 50%. The analysis of errors that occur most frequently lead to a well-directed sort of maintenance. Emergency cases could be reduced by almost 100%. With the aid of plant-related cost analysis the choice of stand-by-machines could be improved.

Kurt Rubitschung, Head of Production, Feintool Plastic/Metal Components, Mühlemann AG

HUHTAMAKI, Werk Forchheim

With MAGPlan we succeeded in restructuring the organisation of our maintenance. Our warehouse and resources management could be simplified to a great extent. MAGPlan enables us to monitor the current state of all plants.

Josef Pieger, Leitung Instandhaltung, HUHTAMAKI Werk Forchheim

R.E.T. Reiff Elastomertechnik GmbH Reutlingen

Reiff Elastomertechnik GmbH has been using the MAGPlan software for six months. MAGPlan provides a user interface which is very easy to handle and the variety of functions fully meets the requirements of industrial plants. Within a very short time we could start working with MAGPlan and also the first audit achieved very positive results. Altogether we are mostly satisfied with the price-performance ratio of MAGPlan.

Richard Evans, Produktionsleiter, R.E.T. REIFF Elastomertechnik GmbH Reutlingen


RECTUS GmbH, Quick Coupling Devision Europe, Eberdingen